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I Killed Your Dog with Jock

I Killed Your Dog with Jock

June 15, 2021


Recorded in April 2021, in this episode Velina and Brittany 'whine while we wine' with super surgeon Dr. Jock! 

Sadly our hosts have some sound quality issues (AGAIN) and it's not just coz Velina is a few stubbies short of a six-pack and sings Brittany a song. (best to listen with earphones)

The girls cackle along as Jock opens up about the time she discovered she doesn't know shit about "non-Mexican walking fish" (The Axolotl)
Brittany thinks she is famous and quickly discovers despite her newfound fame she is still non-essential. 

Vent-a-lot-Velina strikes again as she laments over clients emotionally blackmailing her and her relationship with the Popo.

Jock shares her wisdom with us about numerous topics; ectopic ureters, handling dangerous clients, using Vietnamese in consults and making mistakes. 

The girls giggle way too much in this episode so join in the fun and email us ikilledyourdogpodcast@gmail.com or follow us on insta @ikilledyourdogpodcast


Music Credit: Bliss n Eso - Family Affair (2010)

I Killed Your Dog with Lan-Chop

I Killed Your Dog with Lan-Chop

May 9, 2021

EP 20

It's been a while since our latest episode but after some sound quality setbacks we have returned to our favourite state... tired after a shift and drinking our despondency away. 

Brittany sounds far away in this episode, because she is! Our guest this week is Dr Lan and she openly admits to being a clinic slut. (Working at different clinics, get your mind out of the wet sink!)

The girls touch base on many topics such as Lan's adventure as a vet in the UK, covering the most important UK topic of all, tea and biscuits.

We also discuss UK labs vs American labs, foxes, the mark of the beast and Lan's accidental racist clients. 

Lan continues to delight us with stories of Australian vetting; Goannas and Snake bite cases followed by messy euth stories.

Velina vents about her triage woes as Lan learns a "new" way of healing conjunctivitis in dogs. 

As always the girls have a new beverage to soothe their stories, this week we have "cow piss" AKA a Soju cocktail. 


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I Killed Your Dog in quarantine

I Killed Your Dog in quarantine

March 23, 2021


After experiencing technical difficulties, Velina and Brittany are back! 

The girls are talkin' shit again, and by shit, we mean canine fecal excrement.  

While Velina is "enjoying" her leisure time in quarantine, Brittany shares with us her fears of being kidnapped by a client and that her dreams of becoming a professional dog groomer are dashed! 

Brittany and Velina are ADR in this episode as Velina discusses her setbacks with her quarantino vino meanwhile Brittany loves her job so much she traps clients into conversations. 

Taking a left turn off vet topics, Velina despondently binges Yellowstone and gets a bit worked up in her investment into the show before the girls discover a new segment: Vent-a-lot-Velina.

When is it a good time to ask your vet friends for advice? 

I Killed Your Dog with Heather

I Killed Your Dog with Heather

February 22, 2021

EP 18

Due to technical difficulties, (shit wifi in Aussie plague jail) we were unable to release our intended episode so this week's episode was recorded in NOV 2020, Canadian edition!

Our guest this week is Dr. Heather, a self-professed mega nerd veterinarian! 
Heather starts off with a story about a drunk client abusing her post a horrifying euth.

The girls cover a wide range of topics; from decapitated cats, anal glands in the cornea, crying at lunchtime, and the Fetotomy story that inspired Heather to become a vet. 

Brittany and Velina learn what a rusty load is and Heather educates us about the mishaps of coyote research.

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I Killed Your Dog at LAX

I Killed Your Dog at LAX

February 12, 2021


Velina and Brittany do an episode at LAX airport before Talk-a-lot-Taskov is to board her plane. The girls drunkenly discuss Velina's Seattle adventures and her FIRST first-class experience. 

Cockroach Brittany talks about her week at work; idiopathic cystitis and the first foreign body surgery of the year. 

The girls read out a gruesome horse euth story from Northern Virginia followed by messages from our other listeners. 

Will Talk-a-lot-Taskov make it on her flight? Tune in to next weeks episode... 

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I Killed your dog with Velina and Brittany in the US and A

I Killed your dog with Velina and Brittany in the US and A

February 1, 2021


Booze over the Border!

Velina is stuck in the States while Brittany is dealing with a mud storm back in Kelowna. The girls catch up on their week and read out messages from their listeners full of dog jizz and praise. 

Pictures from the episode on insta: @ikilledyourdogpodcast 

I Killed Your Dog with Laurie

I Killed Your Dog with Laurie

January 26, 2021


The girls are joined by Laurie, a Vet tech with 20 years of experience! 

Velina and Brittany prattle on about Vee's covid test and flights going to Australia. Laurie starts off with a banger of a story: dog semen and cows being attacked by bears with an unexpected ending. 

We delve deeper into Laurie's snake phobia and pranks that Velina has done at work. 

This week's episode ends with horse euthanasia and laughing at negative feedback. 

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I Killed Your Dog with Liz

I Killed Your Dog with Liz

January 19, 2021


In this week's episode, we are joined by Liz, a vet assistant that works at a local animal shelter. 

The girls ask about the difference between working at a vet clinic vs working at a shelter. Liz tells us about ducks, goats, African greys and rats. Velina shares an embarrassing voicemail and the curse of having an accent in a foreign country. 

Velina and Brittany plug the Interior Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, a new wildlife group in the Okanagan. 

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I Killed Your Dog with Velina and Brittany 2021

I Killed Your Dog with Velina and Brittany 2021

January 7, 2021



The girls recap their New Years' shenanigans full of snow mishaps and comedians doing bubblers. 
As the New Year begins Velina and Brittany chat about the first week back at work and read out the stories listeners have sent in. Topics include duck penis' and dog fleshlights and filling testicles with H202! 

Join us as 2021 begins with many more comedic veterinary tails ;)


I Killed Your Dog with Michelle and Pru PART 2

I Killed Your Dog with Michelle and Pru PART 2

December 30, 2020


The girls say goodbye to the last Aussie edition of I Killed Your Dog.
Velina and Brittany chat about non-emergent cases during the holiday period and Brittany's dislike for Pugs. 

In PART 2 of Michelle and Pru's interview, we hear Lori the Lorikeet squawking away while the girls chat about euth protocols, maggots, cadavers, getting your vet med wings and dogs who eat EVERYTHING. 




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